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 Rachel's Challenge Kindness Clubs are going  strong at Cedar Wood!  Kids from grades 1-5 meet once a week during their lunch and recess time.  During these meetings, students learn a kindness lesson, then do an activity to promote kindness and compassion at Cedar Wood and beyond.  All students have an opportunity to participate in Kindness Club - students rotate through each month.  As members of Kindness Club, they are leaders and positive examples for the rest of the school.  After each session they share with their classmates what they have learned in Kindness Club.

So far, our Kindness Club kids have assisted with our food and toiletry drives in the fall.  They have also made holiday cards for a local retirement community and have supported Operation Bald Eagle by making Valentine cards for our troops.  Every month the kids have an opportunity to write positive messages on sticky notes which they post on students' lockers throughout the school.  This is a simple act of kindness that they all really enjoy and can make a big difference in someone's day.
Ideas for showing kindness:

Smile at 10 people

Say hello to 5 people you don’t know

Let someone go in front of you in line

Hold the door open for someone

Put a note on someone’s locker saying “Have a great day!”

Compliment 10 people

Forgive someone

Share your pencil/crayons with a someone who doesn’t have some

Help someone clean up their mess

Offer to help your teacher

Give someone a high five!

Welcome a new student by saying “Hi, I’m glad you’re at our school (or in my class)!”

Make a welcome card for a new student

Thank someone for helping you or being nice to you

Be polite – say please and thank you

Don’t complain – look for the positive in situations

Make a card for someone

Brainstorm a Random Acts of Kindness list with your friends, then do some!

Offer to help

Pick up garbage around school

Eat lunch with someone new

Make Kindness bookmarks

Tell a joke – make someone laugh!

Share your umbrella

Speak kindly to everyone

Clean your classroom so the custodian doesn’t have to

Include others – invite kids to play with you