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2016-2017 Committees


Want to be part of the fun while volunteering? 

Check out all of our PTA committees! 


We are always looking for volunteers to fill positions of committee chairs, co-chairs, apprentices or helpers. A few of the committees, need an apprentice for the up-coming year, someone to learn the ropes of the position in preparation for becoming a committee chair the following year.


Below are the names of the committees and a brief description for each. If you are interested in helping on one or more of these committees, please let us know - there's something for everyone!


If you have the time, we'd LOVE the help! Just fill out the volunteer committees form and submit it to the office. As always, thank you for your interest, time and support of the Cedar Wood PTA and all we do! We couldn't do it without you! 


If you want to see a list of current committee chairs and a brief description of the actual hours spent doing their tasks, please go to the committee chairs page.