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Remember to enter the student of the name you are sponsoring for Whale Walk and their grade and teacher's name so they can get credit for your donation!

TIP: To enter Credit Card Info, choose “Don’t Have PayPal Account”.
Whale Walk Fundraiser


What is it?


The Whale Walk is a ‘fun run‘ and fundraiser all in one, with NO PRODUCT SALES! The kids will participate in the Whale Walk October 6th, during lunch recess. For 20 minutes they will run, hop, limbo, slow motion, skip and more while having a great time with classmates. This year, more than 95% of the funds donated will go to PTA and back out to our many school wide programs. In order to continue to support our current programs and invest in future PTA sponsored activities, the per student goal is $75. Just think, if you get $5 from 15 different people, you have met your goal! EVERY dollar helps. 

In the past few years the Whale Walk has been so successful that we've been able to fund additional Wish List items for the school! Last year we collected over $45,000 - Wow! When we go beyond our goal, the PTA has been able to fund "extras," and in the last few years alone
this has included funding for a new cafeteria sound system, 2 carts of Chrome book computers to supplement the computers provided by the district, classroom tables used for small group instruction, the digital Reader Board, a storage shed for the school's courtyard ... the list goes on!

How you can help

You can help your child obtain donations from sponsors. Before the Walk, friends and family are encouraged to ‘sponsor’ your child by donating to the Cedar Wood PTA. Funds go to PTA general fund, which is used for online math help, the kindness club, art docent curriculum, assemblies, field trip sponsorships, etc. Also, we will need a few parents to help out that day. 

To help your student collect donations use the Sponsor Form and envelope that was sent home to collect donations. If you need an additional form you can download a copy here. Check out the back of the sponsor form for tips. All donations are tax deductible. Upon request, receipts will be issued for donations more than $25. Click here for more information.